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Hunan Willdo zai gabatar a CAC 2023 & FSHOW 2023 a Shanghai China a ranar Mayu 23-25, 2023

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Hunan Willdo yana da tsire-tsire na zinc sulphate wanda shine saman 3 a China, ƙarfin samarwa ya wuce 130MT/DAY. Kuma shukar manganese sulfate wanda ke Guangxi, China, kusa da albarkatun manganese. Yana sa farashin yayi gasa sosai.

Pillar, the company owner, has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and selling chemical additives. Under his leadership we have fine standardization process in supply, quality control and logistics, and strive to provide our customers with a full range of quality products and services.

At the CAC 2023, Hunan Willdo’s director and team met up with Willdo's many business partners and potential customer, all who are strong in fertilizer and chemical. Pillar will be discussing the latest raw market information, and helping our partners to find a suitable solution to minimize costs and maximize profits, expanding the market together.

Thank you to everyone who met during CAC Shanghai 2023! It was great to meet you again and show you our sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions for fertilizer.

Mu hadu a gaba!

For further information about Hunan Willdo, please visit the Company's website at http://www.hnwilldo.com.



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